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Managed Blogging


In our many years of experience working with our clients, we have found that time is their most precious asset.
When we bring up the idea of creating blogs to assist in demonstrating expertise in their field, it always seems to be put on the "back burner" because of other priorities.  

It is for that reason that Uncharted Pixels offers managed blogging services - primarily for clients for whom we have developed websites because during the website development process we learn a great deal about you, your products and services, and your approach to the market.  

Managed Blogging is a great way to 1. demonstrate product and service expertise, 2. keep your website content fresh and current with new blog, and 3. drive traffic to your website - especially when integrated with our Continuous SEO service.  Why?  Because we integrate blogging on the website itself and create clusters of content including links to other pages on your website that showcase the products or services referenced in the blog article - all while integrating SEO into the process.

We are professional business writers with over 30 years of business consulting and marketing experience so when we write a blog for you, we select wording that has an impact on your audience.  We use our knowledge of you and your business, our professional writing expertise, and our years of management consulting experience to write high impact blog articles.  When we write the blog, we integrate specific keyword phrases into the content and into the metatags for the web page to help get your blog article noticed and get readers to pages on your site that can generate interest in doing business with you!

To write a blog article for you, all we need is:

  1. the topic you want covered in the article
  2. any source material on the topic at your disposal (white papers, links to articles by others, emails on the topic, etc.
  3. information about the related products/services you offer that relate to the topic to be covered - including any pertinent recent sales of the product/service to clients.

We perform this service on a time and materials basis.

All blog articles we create for you are approved by you before publication on your website blog.