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Social Networking


People now spend more time on social networking sites than on any other task online, not to mention that the typical user receives a stream of information from many of these sites on multiple devices.  So it's more important than ever to engage your potential website visitors/customers though social media.

We approach each project with a critical eye and suggest social media integration into your site based on your unique needs. 

We can integrate features including:

  • Social sharing: Users can share a page on your site via email or through a large variety of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flicker, Blog Sites, etc...
  • "Like", "Tweet" or "+1"  buttons for the entire site and/or for individual pages/products.
  • Complete Social Media Login functionality: Plan to host a blog or community site with return users?  Let them log in with their social media account and import their information to their profile on your site.  When they comment on a page or blog entry, they have the option of sharing on multiple linked social media accounts. 

​Managed Social Media

No time to post to social media?  No problem.  We can manage your social media accounts to post content for you based on a targeted plan to achieve specific business results.  Your social media posts will be designed to spark interest in who you are, what you do, and why you do it.  Your posts become an extension of your overall marketing plan.  Success will be tracked by the number of link backs achieved from your social media sites.