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Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are a must if you want to reach the fastest growing segment of the connected world - users with smart phones and tablet devices.  Recent studies show that users access the web with whatever device is handy - even at home!  Many users even access the web on their smartphone or tablet while sitting in bed at night watching TV!   Let Uncharted Pixels create or reengineer your website to be a mobile ready website.

If you have a website and are happy with it, Uncharted Pixels can develop a mobile version of your site for you. However, your best approach may be to redesign your website utilizing our Responsive Design approach which presents your site content in a manner that is device-appropriate.   This Uncharted Pixels website was designed as a responsive, mobile friendly website.  Check it out on your mobile device or click and drag your browser window to make the window wider or narrower to see how this site responds to varying browser widths.

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