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Responsive Website Design

What is Responsive Website Design?  A technique used by Uncharted Pixels that presents content appropriate to the device accessing it whether it is a smartphone (Blackberry, IPad, or Android or other), a laptop or desktop PC.  The goals of Responsive design are:

  1. To provide the most useful content first, providing the user with the fastest route to the information needed consistent with the capabilities of the device accessing your website.
  2. Present a rich user experience appropriate to the screen width accessing the site.

Why is this important?  Because broadband access is rapidly beoming pervasive and your customers want and demand instant gratification!  They want to access content wherever they are, when they are thinking about it, utilizing whatever device they have at their disposal.  You need to provide them with it or your competition will.

Mobile First

We start with the mobile users needs and first design for that experience.  This distills the essense of the necessary content and provides for an engaging, yet highly compact experience that is required by the user of small handheld devices like smartphones.  We then build on that by focusing on presenting the content most needed by your audience first and, as the device capabilities increase, presenting the content in more and more useful and artistic ways including enhanced imagery, slideshows, video and more.  The result is a highly engaging and effective user experience that is device independent.