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Video for the Web

How many times have you thought "If I could only sit down face to face with a potential client I'm sure I could get my point across"?  Video on the web provides you with a mechanism to communicate complex ideas or to build rapport with your audience - 24 X 7 X 365 - whenever your audience is ready.

We work with you to develop a highly professional video footprint on your website and on your very own custom branded YouTube channel.  For video where you or your company's spokesperson is on camera, we provide coaching and utilize creative techniques that guarantee a favorable impression.  

Leverage our experience and creativity, and communicate to your audience effectively with Web Video.

A YouTube Channel is another great pathway for customers to find you. And a YouTube channel, branded with your logo and artwork, presents your video content professionally, in a separate channel where only your videos appear. Uncharted Pixels develop custom YouTube channels for our clients.

Posting your Web videos of up to 10 minutes in length on your own YouTube Channel, and linking to that channel from your website and marketing campaigns, provides you with a single repository of all your web videos in one place and allows you to tag your videos with keywords searchable on YouTube - the largest repository of web videos on earth.

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Video is unsurpassed as a communication tool. Presenting professionally edited footage at 30 frames per second in full, rich high definition, with supporting music and speech, creates a visual and audible experience that can move people. Implementing video on the web provides this content continuously - at the moment the user may be most receptive.

- Ted Davenport, Managing Director