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Professional, Flexible, Creative, Patient

I started my own business offering church stewardship and generosity consulting. I was committed to offering something unique, compelling and valuable to congregations. I needed marketing materials and a website that reflected that commitment.

I got all that, and more by working with Ted, Kiera and Kirk of Uncharted Pixels. They were at all times professional, flexible, creative, patient and super freaky smart. Of course they were working with a Luddite (me) but they did not let that get in the way of designing and building a responsive website for mobile platforms and easy to update; they even taught me how to do the updates...me! Cool. 

I now have a new logo, business marketing materials and a cutting edge website that is easy to manage. The price was not cheap neither was it terribly expensive. It was a great value for communicating the mission and services of my new business and for acquiring new clients.

I am looking forward to a continuing relationship with Ted, Kiera and Kirk at Uncharted Pixels. I can even see a You Tube channel in my future.

Ruben Swint - The Generosity Guy
Generosity Guy (Ruben Swint)